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Allergy in My 1.5 Year Old

Our 1.5yr old has had repeated upper respiratory tract infections and ear infections. She has been on multiple doses of antibiotics which seem to do little or no good at all. She has fits of coughing and wheezing. However, when we take her to the docotor's office he listens to her lungs and tells us nothing is wrong. One doctor suggested that she could be asthmatic but never pursued the option because she was to young for the test. Do you think she could have some form of asthma? If so, what course of action would you recommend?


Dear Howard,

Thanks for asking about the ability to diagnose allergy and asthma in young children. Contrary to what many doctors believe, it is possible to make an exact diagnosis in most children regardless of age by performing specific allergy skin testing.

Allergy and Asthma Specialists are trained to not only make the diagnosis, but to prescribe treatments to prevent the recurrence of allergy symptoms, and the complications of uncontrolled allergy as well, such as repeated ear and sinus infections.

Many children are discriminated against on the basis of their age. A child can be allergy skin tested at the age of 6-9 weeks.

Please contact your child's doctor for a referral to an Allergy&Immunology Specialist in your area. Allergy is something that gets better once an exact diagnosis is made!

Good luck, and let me know how things turn out for your daughter.

Steve Kagen, M.D.