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Predictions of Pollen Levels

Dr. Kagen,

I am amazed at the accuracy of your predictions of pollen levels here in the Pacific Northwest. How do you predict what the trees are going to do? What factors are involved? I have a particularly hard time with the alder pollen. I am OK up to the moderate levels, but when they are high or very high I become significantly affected.

Also, do you have long range pollen forecasts? That is, can you tell for about how many more weeks the alder pollen levels will be significant so I can get a feel for how much longer I will have to be miserable?

Thanks for your help. This is very interesting to me.

George S.

Hi George.

Thanks for asking.

NPN receives Certified pollen and mold spore allergen data daily from across the USA. We them merge the information into our archival data banks and combine it with local, regional and national weather data sets to create the Daily Allergy Forecasts as seen on CNN. We believe that our forecast are as accurate as possible. Forecasting allergy symptoms is currently as good as weather forecasting. Long term allergy forecasting is still an early science. We at NPN have been very accurate in our predictions to the point of predicting the week of onset and decline of pollens levels in areas of the nation where accurate data is available.

I am happy to hear that the info is useful to you.

Good luck.

Steve Kagen, M.D.