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Legends on Pollen Maps on CNN

I'm an allergy sufferer and was searching for an easy to read daily allergy map so I can keep track of the pollen levels for my area. I found the maps at CNN and was wondering about the legend. What are the exact pollen counts for low, moderate, high, etc...? And what count would trigger people sensitive to pollen?

Kellie K.

Hello Kellie.

Thanks for asking about allergen levels and pollen counts.

Pollens and mold spores have within them allergens which may cause some patients to experience allergy symptoms. Pollen levels are a way we allergy specialists measure risks of symptoms occurring. For each patient, a different level of sensitivity exists, so some will feel itchy eyes at pollen levels of 10 and others at 100 grains per cubic meter of air/24 hours of sampling.

We at NPN use adjectives such as Low, Moderate, High, Very High and Extreme to express the risks of allergy symptoms occurring in allergy patients with specific allergy antibodies towards tree, grass, weed and mold spore allergens.

I hope this info helps you. If any questions arise, let us know.

Good luck.

Steve Kagen, M.D.