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Swollen Eyes

Dear Dr. Kagen,

I have been to my Physician twice in the last week for my swollen, puffy eyes. I have fluid filling my upper eyelids, below my eyebrows, and the dark-circle area below my eyes. It seems to get worse every day. She gave me, first, a prescription for eye drops, Patanol, which did not work. Then she gave me a prescription for a steroid cream, Elocon, 15gm. This also has not worked. When I first brought this to her attention 5 weeks ago she gave me a prescription for Clariton, which, obviously, has not worked either. I am very tired, most of the time, little energy. And, maybe it is my imagination, but it almost seems like my speech is slurring lately, also. I have been getting headaches behind my eyes, very slightly, but enough to annoy.

Please help me, I need help! I look terrible and I need energy to function!!


LuAnn H.

Thanks for asking about your swollen eyes LuAnn.

The most important thing that you can do for yourself is obtain an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

Swollen eyes may be due to allergy and it may also be something even more serious such as a kidney ailment called nephritis.

In either case, you should ask your doctor about seeing a specialist in Allergy/Innumology who may help by detecting the actual cause of your swollen eyes. Allergy testing is definitely a must as is a series of chemistry blood tests to measure your kidney and other vital organ functions..

Treatment should be symptomatic until you have a definite diagnosis.

Please let me know how things are going. Good luck.

Steve Kagen, M.D.