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Cat Has Asthma

Dr. Kagen.

I have inhaled allergies (have not tested positive for anything) and have all the horrible symptoms of someone who does test positive. My allergist says I'm 1 in 10 that has sensitive nasal membranes that causes me to be sensitive to my environment. This year has been terrible. I've been on drugs constantly, including steroids! I'm looking into an air purifier and am actively cleaning my house of dust, including the air ducts. Will need professional help for that. I'm currently taking Astelin nasal spray and Profen LA tablets. It's just barely getting me through the day. I still feel draining in my throat and moisture in my ears.

My cat developed asthma this year. He's approx. 8-9 years old. He s highly sensitive and has to have a home cooked diet. Tall. had the highest count of spring pollen to date, followed by a 3-month drought that produced over 100 fires all over FL. Now we have record mold spores, produced by daily hard rain. It's been raining for about a month.

Is there anything I can do for my cat other than give him Prednisone (spelling?). The vet X-Rayed him and he definitely has asthma. I'm hoping that cleaning our environment thoroughly and adding an air purifier (with an ionizer) will help.

If you can suggest anything else, I'd appreciate it. Miserable in Tallahassee

Lizabeth W.

Dear Liz,

Sorry but I only take care of humans. There are some vets. who specialize in animal allergy. Ask your vet for a referral.

Good luck.

Steve Kagen, M.D.