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Dear Dr Kagen:

I have severe allergies to molds, dust, dogs, some foods, grass and some other environmental allergens. I use Zyrtec almost daily, Flonase, and saline spray as well as immunizations weekly for 18 months. This past winter and spring I have had laryngitis at least once a month, associated with allergy/cold symptoms.

Is this an allergic reaction or a viral infection? Is there anything I can do to prevent it?

I am a Welcome Wagon Representative and need to visit people in their homes which is hard to do with no voice!

I would appreciate any advice.


Kim S.

Thanks for asking about laryngitis and allergies.

Patients who have uncontrolled allergy symptoms will experience viral infections more often than "normal" people. Allergy sufferers have more frequent infections and episodes of laryngitis because they have more mucus in their nose, sinuses and lungs. This excessive mucus provides infectious agents something to grow and live in.

Think of it this way, "the wet head gets sick".

Allergy patients do not really know what normal breathing is. They experience a gradual increase in mucus secretion and increasing airway obstruction so that they do not even notice that they are snoring more, breathing out of their mouth and increasingly more congested in the nose and sinuses.

Most likely, your allergy is out of control. Ask your allergy specialist what you can do to better control your mucus excess.

Good luck.

Steve Kagen, M.D.