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Sinus and Allergy Symptoms

i have been reading about allergies i have a few questions. i have had allergy for about 10 years now.. i am now 24 but in the last 4 years it has been very bad.. i am always sneezing and my nose is always blocked.. i cannot use soap or perfumes.. it has also affected my eyes because now my eyes itch so much.. also there is so much itching in the nose and at the top of my mouth and i have kept on taking piritons tablets or sinatab but with no luck... i have gone to the doctors but it still doesnt help is there a cure for this allergy.. is in inherited because my mother had the same proble for years until she was operated on the doc.. said that she had something called pollyps (or polyps) some kind of growth in the nose that is very uncormfortable

please let me know what are the medicines and reason for these allergies - is it true if your sinus is very bad that u have aids.. maybe not because u say that it u have alot of allergy then u have a lot of imminuty i was very worried when my allergy deteriotated cos i thought that may be i am hiv + please let meknow more about allergy and aids.


Thanks for asking Maryanne.

You have described symptoms of itching in the roof of the mouth and nasal congestion, both of which are consistent with an allergic problem. Certainly it is impossible for you to be diagnosed over the internet, however, and I strongly recommend that you contact your doctor for an allergy consultation. An Allergy Specialist will be able to diagnose what your problem is in all probability.

With regard to the possibility of a patient having both AIDS and allergy - this is possible. Allergy immune reactions are due to an over reaction of the immune system. AIDS is due to a viral infection that over time effectively eliminates a person's immune capabilities. AIDS and allergy may occur in the same patient.

Nasal polys are an over growth of tissue in the nose and/or sinuses. They cause disease by obstructing the normal airflow and drainage system of th upper airways in the nose and sinus. Symptoms include a sensation of being plugged up, not being able to smell very well, sinus pressure and recurring sinus infections.

I hope this information is useful to you.

Good luck with your allergy evaluation.

Steve Kagen, M.D.