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Allergy Headache Question

Dear Dr. Kagen,

I have had head aches lately. I usually get allergies in the spring, the usual runny nose sneezing type stuff. Now I have a headache with pressure at the temples, and my ears seem to be sensitive and teeth as well.

Is this allergies? Does sinus pressure felt in the temples, ears etc. I don't have nasal congestion right now.....that's what makes me think it's weird....could it be mold I am allergic to?

Thanks for the time.....

Thanks for asking about allergies and sinus headaches.

Sinus headaches without the nasal congestion and drainage sounds a lot like a sinus infection, especially if there is associated aching in the upper teeth which have roots arising in the floor of the sinuses.

It is impossible to diagnose you over the net, but it does appear that you need to speak with your own doctor about sinusitis. Also, in order to know what you are allergic to, you need to have allergy skin testing or allergy blood tests by an Allergy Specialist.

Many spring time allergy sufferers have sinus infections later in the spring and early summer as they accumulate mucus for bacteria to grow in within their sinuses due to allergic reactions to outdoor pollens and mold spores.

I hope this brief info is helpful to you. Good luck with your up coming doctor visit/telephone call.

Steve Kagen, M.D.