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Idiopathic Chronic Uticaria


My Allergist/Immunologist has diagnosed with having idiopathic chronic urticaria. I have had hives all over, with swelling in my face, name it! The hives first appeared when I was being treated for a sinus infection in January. Have had the hives ever since. We have gone through the history of foods, soaps etc., and NOTHING seems to be the cause.

Have tried the zyrtec, singular, hydroxychloroquine and doxepin. But the only thing that works is the prednisone. The side effects of prednisone are quite noticeable!! (i.e 35 extra lbs, moon face, mood swings and depression!)

Have you ever treated a case like this? What has been the course of treatment if you have? Also, I am trying to find others on the www who have had/or does have this condition and would like to know to reach them?

Thank you very much!
Debby F.- Lawrence, KS

Dear Debby,

It sounds as if your condition began with an infection. If this is true, then it is still possible that the infection is not yet totally gone.

If a CT scan of your sinuses shows even a small amount of inflammation, then antibiotics may improve your inflamed state not only in your sinuses but in your skin as well.

Hope this info helps you. Be certain to discuss it with your Allergy Specialist.

Good luck.

Steve Kagen, M.D.